Merike van Zanten – The Element Lead

c 2014
edition of 1
9.5 x 13.75 x 1.25




I have just finished a sculptural book installation consisting of 14 altered books with ‘Depression’ as the subject. Through this work I aim to translate emotional and physical feelings one experiences when suffering from clinical depression, into visual elements. The goal of this is to facilitate a better understanding of this devastating illness, which is seen by 55% of Americans as a weakness to be dealt with personally. The Element Lead is a passage from Primo Levi’s The Periodic Table.

used book, lead, metal paint

After a career in business in Europe, Merike van Zanten got her BA (Hons) Ceramics. In 2002 she came to the USA, and began working in letterpress printing and the book arts. Now her main area of interest is (sculptural) Artists’ Books. Her recent work is more personal, with an interest in social and environmental issues. Van Zanten has done commissioned work in Europe, and has work in private collections in Europe and the USA.

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Merike van Zanten – The Element Lead

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