Mike Sonnichsen – Security


c. 2013
edition size 6 11 x 13.25 x .25


The mask-like images in this book were generated from the printed patterns seen in opened, unfolded security envelopes. Postal details and ruminations about the idea of security and insecurity provide a dialog that a reader may find personally meaningful. This book was designed, printed, and bound by Mike Sonnichsen in the autumn of 2013. Rockwell text and envelope images were screenprinted on Arches heavyweight paper.

ink, paper, board, cloth

Mike Sonnichsen is an artist and printmaker fascinated with the details of everyday material culture and has lately utilized printed patterns seen in opened, unfolded security envelopes. He reveals previously unseen qualities in objects often overlooked. He champions the ‘underdogs’ of material culture, playing with a viewer’s expectations while still dazzling the eye and revealing clues to the art-making process. Mike Sonnichsen grew up in Puerto Rico and now resides in Chapel Hill, NC.

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Mike Sonnichsen – Security

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