Peggy Johnston – Ammonite

5.5 x 4 x 12.5
© 2014
edition of 1




paper, thread, copper, waxed linen thread, beads

I have wanted to see what would happen if I started with a very small shape, and gradually increased its size. This piece is almost what I pictured.

Beginning with a semi-circular shape of less than an inch, I cut 162 signatures, each one slightly larger than the previous one. The final signature is a bit more than 5 inches high. The signatures are held together with a Coptic stitch. The cover at the large end is reclaimed copper roof flashing. The piece is inspired by organic forms, in this case fossil snails, or ammonites.

Peggy Johnston graduated from the University of Wyoming with degrees in art and education. She has continued her studies in painting, printing and the book arts. She teaches book arts in schools and in workshops across the country. Her work is held in several public and private collections worldwide.

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Peggy Johnston – Ammonite

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