Richard Steiner – Eating Out

c. 2010

edition of 1

dimensions 3.5 X 5

$100 – special order item. Contact gallery for details.


The full title is Eating Out by Bugs Terkel, referring to the American author Studs Terkel, who passed away in 2008. The story is about a bug, a kind of caterpillar, who falls from a tree and is injured. It is found by another caterpillar, who does to the fallen one what bugs usually do. Lino cut; 14 pages, one color. Handmade covers, bound in Japanese method, by hand.

Mr Steiner has been living in Japan for over 40 years, all the time studying and teaching woodblock printmaking. As well as teaching the standard print forms, he also teaches and creates miniature books, designing both the contents, usually his own original stories, and the covers. He is the founder/president of KIWA, Kyoto International Woodprint Association. He is a member of several national and local print organizations, as well as head of the Kyoto Mokuhanga School and his own workshops.

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Richard Steiner – Eating Out

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