Sharon A. Sharp – By Way Of – SOLD

© 2015
edition of 1
20 x 4.25 x 3





Created for the 2015 Ideation Experience exhibition.

paper, metal brads, thread, glass, binder’s board


Artist Statement about work:

Given the ideation card draws, i felt eager to experiment while creating this book. The text-card draw of “abstract, nonverbal, or gibberish” felt especially intriguing and freeing, and the most delightful aspect of my explorations became clearer as i played with a nonsensical symbol system based on different configurations of parentheses, brackets, and curly brackets. Cut by hand, the resulting symbols-each containing words, yet enigmatic as a whole-seemed fluid, as though they were doing tai chi amid the multidirectional arrows that lead everywhere and nowhere. To create the imagery, i scanned a text collage and an original relief print, inkjet printed one atop the other, and then drew the arrows with colored pencils and a metallic pen. This origami-like book form yielded not only multiple angles to complement the arrow tips but valleys from which the various symbols could move. After finishing the book, i felt a strong intuitive, if inexplicable, pull toward the title.

Created using the following Ideation Deck card draws: color – highly colorful; structure – innovative; image – abstract; technique – mixed media; layout – across the folds or gutters; text – abstract, nonverbal, or gibberish; paper- multiple colors. Adjectives: intuitive , impressionistic , nonsequential , mysterious or coded , layered

About artist:

The proprietor of Curious Pursuits Press, Sharon A. Sharp (Boone, NC) creates artist’s books featuring original text, artwork, photographs, and handwriting. Several books appear in 500 Handmade Books, volumes 1-2, and in 1,000 Artists’ Books. Sharon has served as an artist-in-residence at Mammoth Cave National Park and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and in 2013 she was one of ten North American book artists featured in the Italian fine-arts journal Teca-Exploring the Book as Art. Sharon’s works are widely held in university and other collections.

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Sharon A. Sharp – By Way Of – SOLD

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