Woody Leslie – Courier’s Text Atlas of The United States of America


c 2013
edition of 500
5.5 x 4.25 x .25


Courier’s Text Atlas of The United States of America is a 100% geographically accurate typed text map of the US, state by state. Each map uses only the given state’s name typed again and again (typeset manually in Microsoft Word), as if it were a normal piece of text read left to right. Features all 50 states, plus a centerfold of the whole country using state postal abbreviations.

Inkjet prints on paper, linen thread

Woody Leslie is an artist, bookmaker, and performer based in Brooklyn, NY. In 2008 he founded One Page Productions-a small book press through which he has self-published a multitude of artist books, comic books, writing, and more. As a performer, his book work has left the page and entered the stage in a variety of performing groups & venues, as installations, interactive work, book puppets, and take-home objects. He is currently artist-in-residence at Ugly Duckling Presse’s Third Factory.

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