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Alice Austin
Alicia Bailey
Cathy DeForest
Claire Eileen Owen
Denise Carbone
Elizabeth Curren
Emily Martin
Hedi Kyle
Jon Sweitzer-Lamme
Kristin Balmer
Lesley Mitchell
Meg Kennedy
Mindy Trost
Tara O'Brien
Thomas Parker Williams
Todd Pattison
Valeria Kremser


Multifarious Members Mile High

Multifarious Members Mile High features seventeen members of the Delaware Valley Chapter of The Guild of Book Workers.

The Guild of Book Workers is an organization dedicated to promoting interest in and awareness of the traditions of book and paper arts. The Delaware Valley Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers was founded in 1990 and is one of ten regional chapters located throughout the United States. The chapter hosts a couple of in-depth weekend workshops per year, half-day free mini workshops, occasional social gatherings, and exhibitions. The chapter also issues a newsletter, maintains a blog and website, and is active on Facebook. Membership is open to all interested persons and includes professionals, amateurs and students. A majority of the sixty or so chapter members live in the Philadelphia area, although membership in the Delaware Valley is not required. The chapter boasts members living throughout North America, including Canada. Hence the Multifarious moniker

It is a pleasure to have our Delaware Valley Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers exhibit at Abecedarian Gallery. When Alicia invited our Chapter I was immediately interested. She does a great job promoting book artists and I knew this would be an opportunity for our members to not only exhibit but also to sell books. Add a beautiful catalog to that list and it gets even better! The books exhibited display the wide interests and talents of our membership. We are happy to share with the Denver community and the Abecedarian Gallery web followers.

Alice Austin, Exhibits Chair, Delaware Valley Chapter