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Ed Colker

Mount Kisco, New York

IMG_0011.jpg IMG_0012.jpg

Open the Gates

paper, ink, crayon, linen binder

Portfolio pages: letterpress/pochoir; color lithographs by Ed Colker. Music page by Dave Brubeck.

Box 16 3/4 x 12. 15 x 11 closed; 15 x 22 open

edition of 85

© 2006


The work expresses the hope for universal justice, freedom, kindness and peace with humanistic/poetic texts from the Bible, Hillel, Martin Luther King Jr., I. Brubeck, and others. Six images by Ed Colker respond to elements of the language sung in English.

A painter and graphic artist, Ed Colker founded the not-for-profit Haybarn Press in 1960 for development of fine art editions in response to poetic texts. Most recent exhibition of selections at Poets House, New York City, summer 2010.

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