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List of artists

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Amelia Bird
Anna Daedalus
Bonnie Thompson Norman
Bryan Kring
Carrie L. Larson
Casey Gardner
Cathryn Miller
Charlene Asato
Christine Martell
Colin Frazer
Cynthia Colbert
Cynthia Nourse Thompson
Dennis Yuen
Emily Martin
Erin Sweeney
Heather Doyle-Maier
Heather Kasvinsky
Joanne Price
Joshua Orr
Karen Chew & Nanette Wylde
Karen Kunc
Kelly Parsell
Kyle Holland
Laurie Weiss
Lesley Mitchell
Linda K Johnson
Lori Reed
Marie Marcano
Merike van Zanten
Peggy Johnston
Ravi Shukla + S. Arden Hill
Rebecca Chamlee
Rebecca Childers
Sammy Seung-min Lee
Sarah McDermott
Servane Briand
Sun Young Kang
Turner Hilliker


Artists Book Cornucopia III

This year marks the third annual juried exhibition of artists’ books. Although the exhibition is open to international entries, this year the exhibition includes work only by artists residing in the United States and Canada.

Each year I invite an expert in the field of contemporary artists’ publications to select a range of works from the works submitted. To date the jurors have been affiliated with academic institutions as, In addition to their expertise, special collection librarians are invariably strong advocates of works in this genre. It is a pleasure to exhibit the works selected by this years’ juror, Tony White, whose selections underscore my own interest in works that merge engaging and intelligent content and concept with appropriate materials and structure.

Tony White has been making artist’s books for just over twenty years, and curating exhibitions of artist’s publishing for the past ten.  His primary research interests include contemporary artist’s books, contemporary artist’s publishing and zine culture in the 21st century, and professional issues related to art librarianship.  He writes articles and exhibition essays on these topics, gives class lectures and group presentations, and curates exhibitions.  For the past eight years he has worked as an art librarian at academic institutions where he has been responsible for acquiring various forms of artist’s publishing – artist’s books, multiples, fine press, book objects, zines – and related publications to support classroom teaching and research.  He is a founding member of the Contemporary Artist’s Books Conference held every fall in New York City since 2008, and is also a founding board member of the College Book Art Association.  He is the Field Editor for Artist’s Books and Books for Artists for the College Art Association’s online reviews journal.

This exhibition catalog includes images and information for each work in the exhibition, with individual artists’ biographies at the end. Images, descriptive entries and bio’s have been provided by the artists’ and they are the copyright holders of the images and text.

Alicia Bailey
Abecedarian Gallery
Denver, Colorado, USA

Juror's Remarks

It is a pleasure to serve as the juror for the Artists’ Book Cornucopia III - an international juried exhibition of artists’ books.
The submissions for this year’s Cornucopia were diverse and numerous, including multiples, letterpress and fine press books, book objects and sculptural books.  Regrettably I was limited to re/viewing a few digital images per title and could not realistically indulge in a haptic evaluation as part of a selection process.  I selected works that seemed to have a successful synthesis of form, content and structure.  I aimed for a balance of work and format types, and selected books and book objects by known and unknown (to me) artists, established and emerging.  An expression of the diversity of materials and processes employed by artists who were included in the exhibition follows:
Materials: paper, book cloth, book board, rocks, acetate, thread, oil-based ink, pastel, faux leather, found book, bone clasp, poplar, hemp, encaustic, electronics, leather, wood, silk, shell button, goat skin, nickel clasps, cotton cords, PVA, transfer ink, paste paper, embroidery, dominos, muslin, cardboard, fabric, girl’s clothes, zippers, snaps, buttons, birch bark, ephemera, spinners, wheels, ribbons, crayon, ink, archival marker, water-soluble pencil, paper towels, pages from books, metal, acrylic matte medium, plexiglass, vintage metal watch parts, glass vials, tea stained paper, metallic foil, aerosol paint, pencil, pencil crayon, transparencies, dry transfer letters, glue, abaca paper, dyed felt, hanji, magnets, beeswax, watercolor, found comic panels.
Processes: letterpress, polymer plates, handset type, pressure printing, blind embossing, reduction printing, pigment printing, pulp painting, suminagashi marbling, screen printing, watermarking,relief printing,etching, laser printing,inkjet printing, Frobel stars, hand-cut paper, handmade paper, laser cut paper, hand-sewn headbands, bone- and nickel- clasps incorporated into various bindings including concertina, Yotsume Toji binding, girdle books, drum leaf binding, hinge folds, palm leaf binding, pop-ups, folded paper, gate fold, accordion binding, secret Belgian binding, Coptic binding and altered book.
This exhibition includes artist’s books that will appeal to each of us, however I hope you will discover new artist’s and titles that pique your interest.  Due to the large number of accepted titles, I would like to draw your attention to a few that standout: Letterpress Erasure by Amelia Bird, The Fall by Bryan Kring, Universe by Cathryn Miller, Days Have Gone By, by Colin Frazer, Grievous by Cynthia Thompson, Ephemera by Karen Kunc, My Spanish Journal Revisited by Kelly Parsell, Pond by Marie Marcano, Hedgefrog by Peggy Johnson, and A Reason of Water by Rebecca Chamlee.
I enjoyed previewing and selecting works for this exhibition.  I hope you enjoy this selection and find time to view the exhibition and handle/read the books where possible.
Tony White
Director of the Decker Library
Maryland Institute College of Art