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List of artists

(alphabetized by first name)

Amy E Robinson
Andrea Crane
Anna Mavromatis
Barbara Brandel
Bridget Elmer
Camden M. Richards
Carmela Rizzuto/Jane Manogian
Carol Es
Caroline Garcia Ziegler
Carrie L. Larson
Catherine Kirkpatrick
CB Sherlock
Charlene Asato
Cindy Stiteler
Cristina de Almeida
Cynthia Colbert
Elizabeth Holster
Ellen Knudson
Fionnuala Hart Gerrity
Jana Sim
Judith Hoffman
Judith Strom
Judy Gardner
Julie Shaw Lutts
Lauren Faulkenberry
Linda Carreiro
Lisa Bonilla Panter
Lise Melhorn-Boe
Louise Levergneux
Margaret Suchland
Meda R. Rives/Veda M. Rives
Merike van Zanten
Michelle Ray
Pamela Paulsrud
Paola Horevicz Hurtado
s. arden hill
Sally Hagy-Boyer
Sarah McDermott
Sarah Wallace Scott
Shawn Kathleen Simmons
Sun Young Kang
Susan Collard
Suzanne Sawyer
Sylvia Waltering/Lucy Schofield
Shawn Kathleen Simmons
Thomas Parker Williams
Tom Virgin



Artists' Book Cornucopia II

Abecedarian Gallery is thrilled to present this second annual international exhibition of artists’ books. On display from April 15 through June 4th in the main gallery, this is my favorite show of the year.

In addition to this online catalog, a print or pdf version of the catalog is available here.

Clicking an artists’ name at the left will link you to a page presenting their work. At the bottom of each page is a link to my email if you wish to order or have additional questions about any of the work.

Artists’ books, as defined by Wikipedia, are works of art realized in the form of the book. Works in this genre of interactive sculpture tend to be high in imaginative solutions, diverse in concept, rich in historical tradition and very well crafted.

Juried this year by Brea Black, Special Collections Librarian at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library in Topeka, Kansas, Artists Book Cornucopia II includes work that is traditional, non-traditional, unusual, familiar, dynamic, and challenging, representing the diversity in the field of book arts in 2011.

In her juror’s statement Ms. Black states

Each (selected) work represents a unique vision and provides a unique experience. The interaction between the book, the artist, and the viewer is what makes these pieces so special. Some of these bookworks address nature, the environment, body image, personal identity, family dynamics, and even one’s place in the wider world. Other works invite us to explore myth, math, and science, using unexpected materials and structures to engage us.
In viewing these bookworks together as an exhibition, I hope the gallery patron will react much as I did. I was inspired by the creativity, originality, and diversity of these 47 pieces. From what I have seen here, the future of the book arts is extremely bright.

I agree that the future of the book arts is bright indeed and am pleased to offer ongoing opportunities for artists, enthusiasts and collectors to engage with this genre I find so rewarding. If you find yourself in the area, please do stop by as catalogs do little justice to the wonders and delight this exhibition holds.


Alicia Bailey, Gallery Director

Please contact Alicia at Abecedarian Gallery to purchase this piece