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R D Burton

Havre de Grace, Maryland

Burton%20Dexterity%20Pumps%20image%203.jpg Burton%20Dexteiry%20Walking%20Man%20image%203.jpgBurton%20Dexterity%20Flight%20image%202.jpgBurton%20Dexteiry%20Flight%20image%201.jpg

Dexterity Books

Pumps, Walking Man, Flight

(also pictured closed view of Flight)

aluminum box, glass, paper, copper BB shot

4 x 5 ¾ each

editions of 5

© 2008

$80 each

The Dexterity books are based on the children’s dexterity game, but with an additional challenge to solve the game. The are each housed in aluminum box. For Dexterity Pumps various gas pumps and a vintage gas station located on the historic Lincoln Highway are the images which provide the visuals. For Dexterity Flight vintage images of early flying machines and aeroplanes are used. The images for Dexterity Walking Man are manipulated digital images of the human body walking in the cosmos.


Lost Mothers

acrylic panels, images on transparencies, paper, light table

10 x 12 x 8

© 2012


This light box sculpture is based on the tunnel book structure. Our mothers may be lost to us through time and distance. They remain present in our lives through our memories, although a photograph may be all that is left.

R D Burton was born and raised in Kansas. He lives and maintains his studio in Havre de Grace, Maryland where the Susquehanna River flows into the Chesapeake Bay. He received his MA in Studio Arts from Rutgers University in ceramic and printmaking. He also studied books arts at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.