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Dolph Smith in Interactive Artifact


Smith Fire Pole _1

For those of us already familiar with the work of Dolph Smith, our first introduction to his work may have been when it was featured in (and on the cover of) The Penland Book of Handmade Books published by Lark in 2004. Or perhaps we have lucky enough to have taken a class from Dolph at one of the many workshop centers he teaches at each year. Or perhaps we have had the pleasure of exhibiting side by side with Dolph. Or had the honor of exhibiting his work. I have had the great fortune to have experienced all of the above.


One of the best things about knowing Dolph is having the opportunity to introduce his work others. Such pleasures are the driving force behind many of my curatorial efforts. So it is with great delight that I once again feature Dolph’s work at Abecedarian Gallery, this time in Interactive Artifact, which is on display through August 6.


His work is sheer delight, filled with humor and the wisdom that comes from decades of working with objects, of going to the studio and making things.


Details about the work of Dolph’s currently on display can be seen here:

Artists Book Cornucopia II – Hagy-Boyer

Slow by Sally Hagy-Boyer

ABC11 sally_hagyboyer_slowchild_1

My first awareness of most of the books in shows at Abecedarian is usually via still images of the book. No matter how many images and details of a book I see ahead of time, there are always aspects of the works that are only apparent on direct examination. Things like texture, smell, the action and rustle of the pages while being read and so forth are only apparent after the book is in one’s hands. This book in particular exceeded my expectations.

Sally Hagy-Boyer grew up in Chicago, Ill and recently graduated from San Diego State with an art degree. She has been making artist books since 1999. Her work is in public and private collections.

Produced in an edition of 5, priced at $950

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:

Artists Book Cornucopia II Repurposed Picks – Carreiro & Paulsrud

Two of the works in this show are from re-purposed books each quite different in both production and final presentation than the other.

ABC11 Carreira passagePassage, by Linda Carreiro, no longer functions as a book – the pages held in open position with a delicate papercut overlay. The piece is mounted on an aluminum stand.

Linda Carreiro’s artwork is centred around an examination of anatomical culture, and the book as 
material. Pieces resulting from this exploration have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada, the United States and in Europe. Currently, she is an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Calgary in Canada.

The one of a kind book is priced at $500.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:

ABC11 Pamela_Paulsrud_Touchstones_1

The second is an installation by Pamela Paulsrud, a grouping of her Touchstones (books reshaped with various power tools) intermixed with the river rocks that inspired them. Not only is each individual book interactive, the entire installation can be re-configured in countless variations.

Pamela Paulsrud is a visual artist. In creating both intimate pieces and large-scale installations, her 
work as a papermaker, calligrapher, book artist and collaborator has been recognized internationally. Her 
exploration in energy and vibration, letters and lines, her love of the land, the earth and it’s resonance, 
inspires both her work and her life.

The installation, which includes 35 Touchstones, several pounds of river rocks selected by the artist and priority shipping to a US address, is $2275. Individual books are $65 each.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:

Artists Book Cornucopia II – Books without words- Reves & Hoffman

Both of these books are accordion structures, both have no text beyond the titles and colophons. There all similarity stops.

ABC11 MedaVeda_Rives_Current_1Current, by Meda R and Veda M Rives, with a color scheme of shades of white punctuated by flecks of plant material, is rich in a way that surfaces only on closer scrutiny. It is lightweight and airy visually and physically.Veda M. Rives and Meda R. Rives are artists and identical twin sisters who established Mirror Image Press as their studio where they pursue Printmaking, Handmade Paper, Artists’ Books, and BookEnvirons. They create artworks both independently and collaboratively. They exhibit their artworks nationally and internationally.

This books is produced in an edition of 20 and sells for $300

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:

ABC11 judith_hoffman_inmydreams_2Quite the opposite is Judith Hoffman’s metal book In My Dreams We Travel in Boats. Filled with colorful drawings it has a solidity of weight quite at odds with its subject, a series of flying dreams Hoffman has had.

Judith Hoffman grew up with books for friends. In college, while studying painting and drawing, she used ball chains and ribbons to bind small collages into books. Jewelry skills led to metal people-shaped books with metal pages in their chests. She has been working in metal and paper ever since.

This unique books is priced at $1600

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:


Artists Book Cornucopia II – Elmer

Fibre Libre Bridget Elmer


A wonderful example of the concept of form supporting the same concept of content, this multi-phase collaborative book hybridizes traditional printing processes with contemporary computer related processes in a structural hybridization of pamphlet and accordion. The removable spines invite a variety of viewing and display options.

The undertaking of this project is best explained at the wiki-site devoted to the project:

Bridget Elmer is an artist working in Asheville, NC, where she is rebuilding her letterpress, tuning up 
her flatbed truck, and retrofitting open source philosophy to book technologies. She received her MFA from the University of Alabama and currently serves as an Instructor at Asheville BookWorks.

The edition size is 50, available for $635.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:

Artists Book Cornucopia II – Knudson

Lugubrious Distance by Ellen Knudson

ABC11 Ellen_Knudson_LugDist_2

The first book by Ellen Knudson I saw was all about swimming. How Swimming Saved My Life. Lugubrious Distance is about her missing North Carolina. I am reluctant to spend time with artists’ books that are self-referential and filled with personal sentiment because they so often disappoint. Knudson’s books are the exception, in part because they are so well designed and produced.

Ellen Knudson is a book artist producing handmade books under the imprint Crooked Letter Press. She is also currently an Associate in Book Arts at The University of Florida. Her work is in San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (CA), Yale University (CT), Duke University (NC), and many other national & international collections.

There are fifty in this edition; each sells for $350

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:

Artists Book Cornucopia II #26 – Kang

The Way to be EmptySun Young Kang


ABC11 sunyoung_kang_empty_2


Abecedarian Gallery has had the honor of exhibiting both The Way to Be Empty 1 & The Way to Be Empty 2 at various times. Both are works that demand repeated and leisurely reading. A recent gallery visitor was telling me about her experience meeting Sun Young in Philadelphia, where she was awarded purchase awards from both the Jaffe Center for Book Arts and Wellesley College and the Philadelphia Center for the Book Regional Award. My visitor described what can only be likened to an ethereal glow that emanated from Ms. Kang. That glow is also very present in both of the Way to Be Empty pieces.

Sun Young Kang is an artist working on books or installation art. She is a native of Korea and now 
residing in Philadelphia. She holds a BFA in Korean Painting from Ewha Woman’s University and MFA BookArts/Printmaking at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This edition is now sold out

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:

Artists Book Cornucopia II Wall Works – Suchland & Gardner

Margaret Suchland

ABC11 Marg_Suchland_Bundle n.4

and Judy Gardner

ABC11 Gardner_jacob_ladder2

There are but a few works in this show installed on the wall. Margaret Suchland exhibits her books held open and flat with string, in deep wooden frames. Although presented as fixed wall pieces, the promise they hold is quite different from static collages as these works are books that, although presented in a form that doesn’t allow further viewer interaction, are books nonetheless.

Margaret Suchland is an award-winning painter and book artist. She began her studies at the University of Beirut, Lebanon and after many years of living abroad she completed her B.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin in 1992. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and her work is included in over 
20 public collections. She lives and works in Tucson, Arizona.

The two pieces in this show are each unique and sell for $600 & $800

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:

Completely different in its level of interactivity is the biggest Jacob’s Ladder I’ve ever seen, Feedback Loop by Judy Gardner. When open the book is a full six feet in height, made of thick wooden panels that make quite a racket when flipped. In addition to the sound it makes when flipped, the panel movement is much slower than smaller versions so one can watch each panel’s rotation before the next panel begins its flip.

Printmaker/Painter/Book Artist Judy Gardner earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Northern Arizona University and an MH in Fine Art and Theater at the University of Colorado at Denver. She has taught 
Drawing, 3D animation and Digital Image Manipulation at the Art Institute of Colorado and Metropolitan State College and currently teaches electronic imaging at Regis University.

This is a unique work, priced at $800. Detail photos of individual panels available on request.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:

Artists Book Cornucopia II #21 – de Almeida

Cristina de AlmeidaTo the [foot of the] letter

ABC11 Cristina_deAlmeida_ToLetter_2

I saw this book last fall in another exhibition but didn’t have much time to peruse it. Thus I was very pleased when it was accepted into a gallery exhibit as I’ve been able to not only spend more time looking at it, but also show it to others. Although printed digitally, the unbound sheets have the look of letterpress printing, It is no surprise to learn that de Almeida teaches graphic design as the layout of each page and the portfolio housing them is sophisticated and engaging.

Cristina de Almeida was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. She is currently a professor of graphic design at Western Washington University. Her experimental books explore visual language through various printed media. They have been exhibited at venues across the United States and abroad, including Canada and Australia.

The edition size is 5, only one copy is still available for $400.

Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here:

Artists Book Cornucopia II Pick #20-Es

All Done But NoneCarol Es


ABC11 Carol Es alldone1


I’ve been enticed by this book since its arrival, but it wasn’t until today that I had a chance to read it. Although editioned, each of the 20 copies is unique as the hand lettering and illustrations are hand-done. Page 24 of each copy, the colophon informs the reader, has a painting unique to that copy. Each book also includes 3 intaglio prints – a solarplate, a drypoint and a copper etching.


The accessibility of the handwriting, the watercolor and ink illustrations and casual language have great appeal. The book begins with the statement “You know I’m not really sure what to make this book about.” And by not settling on any one ‘about’ the writer is able to tell, in a pithy and very engaging style, a series of stories about her life lived to date.


This book is a treasure, of remarkable value at $1400, and in an edition of 20 copies.


Artist statement, images, descriptive details and ordering information here: