Artists' Book Cornucopia VIII

Eighth in a series of international exhibitions of contemporary artists’ book works, Artists’ Book Cornucopia VIII highlights the diversity of art and craft in the book arts genre. The exhibit includes work by 26 artists from throughout the United States.

The works on display include a wide array of media including somewhat traditional materials such as paper, leather, book board, thread and cloth, harmoniously co-existing with less typical materials such as glass, metal, wood and cast acrylic. The artists have employed a variety of printing techniques such as letterpress, silkscreen, non-silver print processes, offset lithography and lasercutting as well as hand-imaging techniques such as monoprinting, drawing, painting and embroidery. Many of the works are immediately recognizable as books, intimately scaled objects intended to be held by a single viewer for one-on-one engagement, others take on book-like aspects better suited to display on pedestals than hand-held reading, still others are more easily perceived as sculptural objects, their readability less dependent on a viewer’s physical manipulations or contact.

The exhibit was curated by Alicia Bailey, Director Abecedarian Artists’ Books and juried by Cynthia Nourse-Thompson, Director of the graduate programs in Book Arts at the University of the Arts.

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