Shu Ju Wang – Alphabet for a Belly Dancer

© 2008
edition of 48
3.25 x 4.25 closed, extends to 27


Shu-Ju Wang: “A sentimental prayer poem for belly dancers, this book captures the essence of belly dance through word play and rhythmic patter that mimics the dance itself.”

Text (E through H):

Enchant, with the intricate movements of your
Feet, gliding, stepping to the beat of the drum.
Grace, with sweeps of your arms, hems of your skirts, your
Hands, beckoning, drawing them to your kingdom

Silkscreen printed on a Gocco. Bound in a pull out accordion structure. Wraparound paper cover in Japanese Masa Unwaxed and French handmade paper Mouchette Almond (pale green). Closure of hand-dyed rayon ribbon, cois, and beads. Housed in a protective envelope made with a shimmering dark turquoise 89 lb cover stock.

Born and raised in Taiwan, and trained as an engineer, Shu-Ju Wang settled in Oregon after stays in Saudi Arabia, California, and New Jersey. In 2000, she left engineering to become a full time artist. With an immigrant’s eye, Shu-Ju paints a portrait of her sometimes wonderful, sometimes unsettling, first generation American life.

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Shu Ju Wang – Alphabet for a Belly Dancer

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