Adele Little Caemmerer – Traffic Patterns


© 2016
edition of 10
dimensions in inches:5 x 5 x 1

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About this piece:
The drawings printed in this book are part of a series begun while I was living in India. I decided to document my daily commute in abstract, linear drawings. Bumps and turns, starts and stops, the type of vehicle in which I was riding, all became co-creative forces, guiding the direction of my drawings. The documentations have expanded to include various modes of transport, traveling to locations all over the world. As a visual narrative, they ride the tension between transition and place. Journeying and being somewhere meet in that precise moment on the page.

In 2014, I was awarded a Grant For Artist’s Projects from Artist Trust in Washington State to produce a collection of these traffic patterns in book form. The resulting edition was done in collaboration with Melanie Brauner, with printing by Meghann Ney, in Melanie’s studio, Verso.

Traffic Patterns was produced in collaboration with David Francis, PhD for the Afterword, Melanie Brauner for bookbinding, and Meghann Ney for printing


paper, ink, cloth, board

About the artist:

Adele Little Caemmerer is a teaching artist living in Central Washington. She has been engaged in a project translating rhythms of daily life into visual form. While her grounding is in painting and drawing, the serial nature of her work has led her to the medium of books. Working in collaboration with a book binder and printer, she has produced a collection of her drawings documenting her experience of movement and travel.


Adele Little Caemmerer – Traffic Patterns