Alicia Bailey – Beget


@ 2019 edition of 1, dimensions in inches: 38 x 20

About this piece:

Beget is a continuation of a project that began in 1999, when I was bequeathed my Great-Aunt Ruth’s personal, professional and household archives. The sizable collection included all that remained from the ebb and flow of her family’s residency at the north Denver home she lived in for seventy years, a sizable number of objects were clearly transported as the family moved westward across the plains, finally settling in Denver, in the late nineteenth century, Many photographs filled the nooks and crannies of that home; some labeled, others not; a handful from the era when portraits exhibited a stern and unyielding demeanor. The images selected for Beget were digitally reproduced and joined through a transfer process with one of the household’s table runners.


cloth, acrylic, polymer, ink, thread

About the artist:

Studio artist Alicia Bailey, Aurora, Colorado, creates book and box works that often include elements beyond surface printed images and text; that move beyond traditional book forms and embrace presentation flexibility, innovative page folding tactics, rigid page construction and use of alternative materials. In her studio she produces artists’ book works, sculptural books and publishes limited edition book works under the Ravenpress imprint. Her work has been featured in dozens of solo and group exhibits throughout the world and is held in numerous public, private and special collections.


Alicia Bailey – Beget