Alicia Bailey – Shedding


c. 2010
edition of 21

Box 4.25 x 6.5 x 3.75


This edition of 21 is about specimen collection and presentation, combined with journal type entries about the specimens presented (in this case, things shed by my body).Each day for 21 days I rescued something my body was shedding (an eyelash off my cheek for example) or helped something detach from my body (a plucked hair). The specimen was scanned at a magnification of 500%, the scans then printed via inkjet and placed behind window cutouts, as in a photo album. The cover of each book holds one of the specimens, sandwiched in between glass, for a variable edition of 21 copies. The pages are laser etched and cut arches cream rag laminated to unryu bound in a board book structure. The page insets are laserpint on mylar over archival inkjet images with speciman labels laserprinted on text weight cotton paper overpainted with methylcellulose.<br><br>Materials laser etched arches cream rag mounted laminated to unryu, laserpint on mular, inkjet, laseretched deerhide, museum board, archival corrugated board, japanese tissue, with goatskin leather spine

Alicia Bailey is a studio artist working across multiple disciplines. She has focused on book arts and assemblage since the mid-nineties, producing artists’ books, sculptural books and limited edition books. Her work embraces a wide variety of methods and materials. It has been featured in dozens of solo and group exhibits throughout the world and is held in numerous public, private and special collections. An archive of her work in the book arts is under development at Penrose Special Collections, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado. Alicia is also owner/director at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver. The gallery, located in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, has an ongoing commitment to and focus on book arts and works on paper.

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Alicia Bailey – Shedding

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