Allison Fischbach – Gebeine

© 2017
edition of 5
dimensions in inches: 10.25 x 10.5 x 1


About this piece:

This work is part of an ongoing investigation into remains and the objects left as bodies and societies change over time.

Bones are the focus here since they are the part of the body that lasts longest after death. They are the subject of reliquaries and horror stories, but this projects seeks a detached view of bones as objects – simple, striking, and abstract. In their very nature they are evocative of death, but they are also with us and within us our entire lives.

The images are designed to be a straightforward, objective representation. The aim is for the viewer to meditate on these important and vital parts of the body, these objects that will one day represent the body when all other parts fail, but which are never meant to be seen by their owner. The accompanying poem highlights this theme and serves as a grounding point for ruminations on temporarily and transience.


paper, ink, thread, cloth, adhesive, board, bone

About the artist:

Allison Fischbach is a book repair and conservation technician living in Baltimore. She specializes in making custom housings for rare materials and works with an extensive collection of artist books. Her artistic practice focuses on bookbinding, printmaking, and box construction.

She has been bookbinding for over a decade, training at the Rose O’Neill Literary House Print Shop and the Enoch Pratt Free Library. She now works in the Decker Library at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

I work as Collection Preservation and Maintenance Technician in the Decker Library at the Maryland Institute College of Art

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Allison Fischbach – Gebeine

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