Amanda Puetz – Sheldon Library’s Excellent Adventure

© 2012
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dimensions in inches: 2.25 x 7.5 x 4.25

about this piece

About this piece:

This collaborative piece came about as our branch library hours were being cut. Staff were looking for a way to celebrate the work we had done while transitioning into a difficult situation. We modeled the game after a larger game we had made for a retiring co-worker a few months before. We made a game for each member of the staff.

We collected funny anecdotes from co-workers to include in the game’s draw cards. We used library handouts to fill out the game board. We devised a way to fold the game board around the box, creating a lid and making the game look like a book.

Our group of five made the games in stages: we brainstormed about the changes we needed to make from the first game; we built and covered the boxes; we assembled the folding game board and finally put it all together. Some members of our group had never made a book before tackling this project. With patience and practice pieces, we created 13 board games, encapsulating a decade of branch library memories.


paper, bookboard, bone clasp, ribbon, cardstock, wood

About the artist:

Amanda Puetz is the branch services librarian at the Sheldon Branch of the Eugene Public Library. She grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she made her first book. From there she spent the next 16 years exploring book arts and sharing the joy of handmade books with everyone she met. She now lives and works in Oregon, teaching bookmaking classes at the Eugene Public Library.

All staff at the Sheldon Branch of the Eugene Public Library

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Amanda Puetz – Sheldon Library’s Excellent Adventure