Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli – Caretaker


6 x 8.25, opens to 6 x 49

edition size: 100

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Some secrets become obsessions and can change the course of one’s life. This metamorphosis is at the heart of The Caretaker, a short story based on the life of Mrs T. On her wedding day, her aunt, who she thought was her mother broke the secret about her parents’ identity. This shocking revelation slowly changed Mrs. T’s destiny and sent her off to roam about the world in search of her father.

Mrs. T’s Vietnamese mother had met a Chinese man in Hong-Kong, but their love story was short lived. Returning home to care for her dying mother, she realized she was pregnant. Two years after Mrs. T’s birth, her mother died and the Mrs. T was raised by her aunt, who hid the identity of her parents until her wedding day. Before the ceremony the bride received a box containing an old photo of a young man and a golden ring her mother had left for her. After spending the next 20 years raising her children, Mrs. T decides to leave her family to find her father. In order to finance her quest, she will work as a caretaker.Features a series of photographs in Cambodia, Singapore and Malaysia. Text printed in English, French, and Italian. Accordion book with four fold wrapper. Offset printed; wrapper printed with fabric featured in one of the photographs. Story printed on inside of wrapper which is closed with bellyband with metal ornament.

Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli photographs personal stories  She is interested in identity problems facing her friends or unknown persons she has read about. Her visual journeys combine poetic and documentary sensibilities, each image is a story that crosses other destinies in one series. People, places and objects are connecting in unexpected ways to create a tell that can be read as fragments or in their entity.

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Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli – Caretaker

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