Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli – Memories of Egypt Selected Views of Bazaars


6 x 7.5, opens to 6 x 35.5

edition size: 100

© 2011


This book tries to convey the explosion of information that both overwhelms and fascinates travelers who visit Egypt for the first time—as the artist herself experienced. Her photomontage images, as well as the unique structure of the book demonstrate how difficult it is to connect all the information pertaining to the area: geographically (with the maps of Northern and Southern Egypt, made from aerial maps printed on the fold out inserts) and culturally (the series of photographs of bazaars on the reverse accordion). Since the majority of the territory is desert, the book’s covers have been treated to allow the reader to feel the roughness of the sand and the smoothness of the water. Memories of Egypt is yellow (the desert) and blue (the river) to carry the reader on a tactile and visual trip along the Nile.

Two Turkish map folk pop outs attached to an accordion base. Opposite side of accordion features an additional accordion attached. Housed in cloth-covered custom box with snap closure and paper title label that contains a smaller hard-sided pop-up holder that book slips into

Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli photographs personal stories  She is interested in identity problems facing her friends or unknown persons she has read about. Her visual journeys combine poetic and documentary sensibilities, each image is a story that crosses other destinies in one series. People, places and objects are connecting in unexpected ways to create a tell that can be read as fragments or in their entity.


Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli – Memories of Egypt Selected Views of Bazaars