An Gates – World on Tilt


© 2020
edition of 6
dimensions in inches: 11.25 x 6.75 x .125

About this piece:

As the days of the pandemic lockdown passed I found myself keeping lists: numbers of those who contracted the virus, those who died. A friend lives in New York City so I tracked the numbers there as well as globally, nationally, my state, and my county. I also listed comments from news sources and my responses to changes in daily life. As these lists accumulated I thought it would be good to keep this information and an artist book would be the best way I knew to house my responses to the pandemic of 2020.


Ink, paper, linen thread

About the artist:

Lives and works in Tacoma, Washington.

An is a book artist currently living in Tacoma, Washington. She works in themes of science, mathematics, patterns in nature, architecture, and people who have changed the way we understand and inhabit our world. Exploring structure provides An with the opportunity to best express herself and stretch the concept of “book”.


An Gates – World on Tilt