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Andrew Huot – Navigation – SOLD OUT

c 2008
edition of 20
9.5 x 5.75 x 1.25 closed


about this piece

Sometimes it’s not the stars that guide you. This book uses city names to make the constellations used to guide the artist’s family to their next destination. A carousel book that spans over 8 feet when open, the dark blue paper and cut holes reveal the light shining on the background paper.

Letterpress printed and colored paper with hand-cut holes, bound in cloth-covered boards.
Andrew Huot’s artist books deal with abstracting the events of our daily life into line and shape; looking at everyday situations and distilling them down to their essence then extending them outward to our collective experience. Andrew’s work is exhibited nationally and is found in the collections including The Free Library of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently the Conservator for the Milner Library at Illinois State University. Additionally, he teaches bookbinding, book arts, and conservation workshops at a variety of venues, including universities, summer programs and community arts organizations.

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Andrew Huot – Navigation – SOLD OUT