Angela Silver – Codex


© 2015
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 6 x 8.5 x 3


The catalyst for Codex is my DNA, its sequencing and the various mutations that occur in our inherited strands of information. Whether substitutions or insertions, I am intrigued by the ease at which we can access this internal codified data. The accumulation of the ten letter sequencing renders the data indecipherable, the personal information become obscured through the embroidered strands of letters A, G, C and T.

thread, paper

Angela Silver is a visual artist and PhD Candidate at Queen’s University. Her practice is transdisciplinary. She draws, performs, prints and reworks books and moribund printing tools exhibiting this research internationally. She has a rich and diverse exhibition history showing her work at Wordfest International Writers Festival, at academic conferences most recently at the ART in Translation Conference in Reykjavik, DAC in Brooklyn, in Rome, the Textile Research Center Leiden, Netherlands.

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Angela Silver – Codex

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