Anita Rankin – Holding Sway – SOLD OUT

© 2016

edition of 3

dimensions in inches: 6.25 x 6.25 x 1.25



about this piece

About this piece:
Littered with chaos theory maps and equations, HOLDING SWAY, a 62-page structure, folds out into multiple offshoots and spinoffs, allowing it to be read and displayed in numerous ways. Manipulated photos and screenshots of wind turbines, birds, kites, high wire walkers, high rise buildings, carnival rides, music scores, and Mars landscapes are layered with original poetic text. Visual and verbal elements play off one another to arrive at the final mix of pixilated words and images. Excerpts from the book: “slightest turn of air…diverts from the flight pattern of its own gray and white biography…vertigoes into the pitch of glass histories…iterations of litanies jittering through rapids…rupturing into heaves…call it rapturous…verging on rhapsody…erratic recital of wings and neurons…transacted in the backwash of brainwaves…so many tiny pulses between synapse and syntax…sleight-of-hand in the next turn of breath…waving across the sway of ground holding sway”.

paper, ink, linen thread
About the artist:

Lives and works in Tucson, Arizona, United States

Anita B. Rankin, an interdisciplinary artist born in Los Angeles, currently lives in Tucson. She began with oil painting, exhibiting in solo/group shows at galleries, museums, and alternative spaces; teaching art technique and design; then jurying/curating exhibits. After receiving an MA in creative therapies from Lesley University, Anita practiced as an art and poetry therapist in Boston and Washington DC, teaching in the graduate program at George Washington University. More recently, she has organized art exhibits at the University of Arizona Special Collections Library and Poetry Center.

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Anita Rankin – Holding Sway – SOLD OUT