Annwyn Dean – Baroque Lace – SOLD OUT

© 2017

edition of 3

dimensions in inches: 3.75 x 2.25 x 12


About this piece:
This book was inspired by the heavy Baroque laces of the 17th century, which were worn against dark velvets and so displayed all the intricacies of their fine stitches. The front layer is comprised of Baroque lace motifs and contrasts against the deep blue central layer of painted and printed tissue paper with calligraphy. The third layer is punched with holes, as in lace, backed with painted tissue paper. Each layer recalls the lace in different ways and all three are bound together with linen thread representing the original fibre of the lace.

Texture is an important element in the construction of this book, the collagraph print on both sides of the front layer is likened to the feel of both sides of the lace. The prints roll over the ripped edges of the paper reminding the viewer that the textile is only a fragment. The deep shiny colour of the second layer sets off the prints as the original dress fabric would have done to the lace.

paper, ink, acrylic, thread

About the artist:
Lives and works in Skipton, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Annwyn Dean is a Book Artist and Printmaker who lives in the North of England. She is inspired by antique textiles that she collected during her years teaching and writing about embroidery. She feels that these fragments have stories to tell about their makers, their journeys across the world and through the centuries and about those who wore the textiles. She creates collagraph prints and her plates are constructed from various papers, fabrics and threads. Her methods result in prints which are full of texture and character.


Annwyn Dean – Baroque Lace – SOLD OUT