Asa Nakata – Traces of Inks


© 2017
edition of 20
dimensions in inches: 2.75 x 3 x 2.6


About this piece:

This book is built upon my family’s traditional method of printing Japanese family crests on kimonos. The existence of family crests is dying culture in Japan and I wanted to reinvent and reinterpret the strength of the tradition in a new way by creating books that will show a new appreciation for them.

All the letterpressed images used in one of the book are my woodcut print scanned and made into a small polymer plates. I encapsulated the inks and my dedication to a craft into a tiny emblems of my family business.

The box enclosures about 17 inches of repeated images of a long letterpressed prints from my woodcut along two books and a popup. I specifically designed this box in order to create a flow of printing processes, inheriting and passing down the traditions once again.


book board, magnet, paper, book cloth, ink

About the artist:

Lives and works in San Francisco, California, United States

Asa Nakata is a printmaker and book artist currently lives in the Bay Area. Her main focus is traditional Japanese family crest. Which is based on her own childhood memory with her grandmother who used to be an artisan printing family crests on kimonos.

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Asa Nakata – Traces of Inks

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