Autumn Thomas – If Only By Touch


© 2016

edition of 1

dimensions in inches: 7 x 6.5 x 2.5


About this piece:
If Only by Touch explores the collaboration between paper and metal, conspiring to provoke dialogue about rigidity and agility, neither of which is expected to compliment the other. With the use of handmade paper and hand-forged metal, the work invites the viewer to explore a narrative using a language not immediately apparent.

The pages of If Only By Touch are formed from pigmented wheat straw fibers, are riveted together with brass. As each delicate page is turned, what becomes apparent is the strength of the paper supporting the weight of the metal.

Upon further viewing, some may recognize that each sheet of rivets represents one symbol from the braille alphabet. The entire book, read consecutively, reads “never alone”. The code may not be explicit, however, recognition is not a provision for discernment. The work speaks to the act of being condoled – literally and figuratively – with or without discern, with or without eyesight.

The entirety of this piece was designed and constructed by hand. The clamshell box enclosure was created using archival museum board and is covered in book cloth. The pages of the book were bound using a wire edge binding. This is a one-of-a-kind artist’s book, conceived and developed in 2016 during MFA candidacy at University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

HM paper, brass

About the artist:
Lives and works in Aurora, Colorado, United States.

Autumn T. Thomas creates artist’s books and interdisciplinary prints that take a critical view of cultural, social, and political issues. Autumn describes her A veteran of the US Air Force, Autumn received a BFA in Visual Communication from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is graduate from The University of the Arts’ Book Arts + Printmaking MFA Program in Philadelphia.

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Autumn Thomas – If Only By Touch

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