Autumn Thomas – Undermined – Unavailable

© 2017

edition of 10

dimensions in inches: 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.75


About this piece:
Undermined is a double-entendre, bound with an exposed sewing, revealing its vulnerability. The text block shows a gradient of colors, beginning with white and transitioning through brown to black. This artist’s book acknowledges and challenges the contrast of white and black, which has represented good and evil, respectively, for centuries. Undermined opens with an assumed gentleness to the opening content. The opening text is purposefully challenging to read and varies from reversed text to garbled words throughout the book. Certain words become apparent and are the heart of the content, available only viewers who have moved beyond immediate perception. Upon entering the black pages, the story is presented in its entirety, with hints of metal showing through the page. As pages are turned, it is revealed that metal been burned through the pages. The metal is the figurative culmination of challenge and heartache that has all collected in the center of this work.

I was inspired to create Undermined as a part of my graduate thesis project in 2017. The content is an essay that my mother wrote some time ago as one of her own academic projects. It contains many of the difficulties that she and I experienced throughout our lives and is candid and often hard to acknowledge.

During my graduate studies, I encountered some of the societal problems that my mom wrote about in her essay. I created this work as part of a cathartic effort to acknowledge the difficulties I have overcome in past in addition to those with which I struggled to overcome.

paper, leather, thread, ink

About the artist:
Lives and works in Aurora, Colorado, United States.

Autumn T. Thomas creates artist’s books and interdisciplinary prints that take a critical view of cultural, social, and political issues. Autumn describes her A veteran of the US Air Force, Autumn received a BFA in Visual Communication from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is graduate from The University of the Arts’ Book Arts + Printmaking MFA Program in Philadelphia.

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Autumn Thomas – Undermined – Unavailable

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