Beata Wehr – Unknown stories of Jackie


© 2017

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dimensions in inches: 10 x 8 x 1


about this piece

About this piece:

In recent years I have made many mixed media artists books that are allusions to a narrative. I used metal objects found on the ground and stitched them to pages made out of linen canvas to create visual stories. They are sometimes not easy to understand, and the viewers have to construct them themselves. I carefully selected the materials to work with: found metal pieces speak about time, transience and place, and linen canvas that I brought from my native Poland symbolizes my roots and immigration. I inherited the metal objects that are important part of this book from my artist friend Jackie, who passed away in 2015. By using them to create her unknown stories I wanted to honor her and her passion for life and art.


Polish linen, gesso, found objects, black ink, linen thread

About the artist:

Beata Wehr is a visual artist and educator from Warsaw, Poland. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, traveling back to Europe every year.
She graduated from Warsaw University in Poland with M.A. degree in art history and from University of Arizona with M.F.A. in painting. She paints and creates artist’s books, examining in her work the ideas of home, place, time, transience and multicultural experiences. Her works were shown in numerous international and national exhibitions and are included in over 60 public collections in the USA and abroad. Beata currently teaches at Pima Community College.

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Beata Wehr – Unknown stories of Jackie