• Beata Wehr - Paszport
  • Beata Wehr - Paszport

Beata Wehr – Paszport



Beata says:
“Paszport” is a book about immigration, identity, displacement and nostalgia. I digitally collaged several old documents – passport, visas, identity cards, with some meaningful ephemera such as butterfly stamp from a letter from my family. Central spread contains image I constructed from both of my worlds: Sonoran Desert landscape combined with a transplanted and multiplied monument of a Polish King Sigismunt III Vasa from Warsaw. This very personal work is not only about a significant change of the place where I live; it also takes the viewer back in time to the eighties and early nineties.

Bill and Vicky of Vamp and Tramp say:

Paszport presents and re-presents Beata Wehr’s nomadic life, encapsulating and juxtaposing her travels in time and distance. An presumably unchanging fingerprint is background and foreground to a stamp than shouts ‘Alien’ and a series of photographs that document external and personal change. The center spread show a surreal landscape of columns topped by Polish (?) heroes amid saguaro cacti, which is frame for this artist’s life, in both time and distance – from Poland to Tucson.


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Beata Wehr – Paszport

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