Beth Sheehan – Beloved


© 2016

edition of 8

dimensions in inches: 8 x 5 x 1

about this piece

My work can’t be divorced from the aspect of time. All of my work is about memory; the influence of memories on identity, the beauty of nostalgia, and the disfunction of memory. This book is a monument to the act of remembering. Inspired by a photo of an event in my childhood I don’t remember, my written response, and text pulled from obituaries. It is commemorating the blind glory of a moment seen through the beautiful and forgiving filter of time. This is also why I choose to make books—the nature of the book format is so devoted to aspects of time as well as intimacy.

HM paper, ink, pigment, book board, cloth, glue

About the artist:
Beth Sheehan was born and raised in the mountains of upstate New York. In 2012, she graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Printmaking and a minor in Art History from Memphis College of Art. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is in major private and public collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum, and the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida. Her time in school fostered a passion for printmaking, papermaking, and book arts and she is still pursuing those loves.

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Beth Sheehan – Beloved