Bill Westheimer – The Complete Works of William Shakespeare


c 2014
edition of 10
2.375 x 2 x .625 (book) 3.75 x 3.25 x 1.125 (box)


In today’s world, books are evolving into different formats. Some people find that digital books are undesirable, others embrace them. This book is digital – 3D printed and contains the complete works of Shakespeare on a digital flash drive encased in a 3D printed book shaped vessel which cannot be opened. There is a printed title page and author portrait. The book cannot be read without destroying the book. It is presented in a 3D printed box with the artist’s name 3D printed inside the top.

PLA resin, paper, ink, fabric, USB flash drive

Since making my first photograph at 14, I’ve been fascinated with alternative processes including high school experiments in holography, solarization, and high contrast imagery. Later studies with Jerry Burchfield introduced me to color photograMs. Early in this millennium I learned the 19th century wet plate photography from France and Mark Osterman. Recent book projects include collaboration with Leonard Seastone on handmade artist books ‘Crickets’ and ‘Manual’.

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Bill Westheimer – The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

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