Bonnie Thompson Norman – Which Side Are You On?


© 2019
edition of about 20 copies, v.e.
dimensions in inches: 8.25 x 6.25 x .5

About this piece:

I began this book in February of 2019 when building a wall between the United States and Mexico and caging children was the topic of the day. Then, as now, there has been a callous indifference to the issues, concerns and consequences regarding helpless, underrepresented individuals. People turned away from asylum in a country that professes a respect for individual liberties and justice, people indifferently targeted and killed by a police force that is supposed to protect them, people dying because of endemic injustices in their communities…the category of infamy is too long. I understand more clearly than ever before how my comfortable life has been both complicit and implicitly responsible for these and other injustices to exist and to continue. Making books and broadsides which reflect and call attention to some of these issues is one way I hope I can make a difference.


paper, ink, cloth, wire hardcloth, linoleum block, handset type

About the artist:

Lives and works in Seattle, Washington.

Bonnie Thompson Norman is fortunate her passion for all things relating to books is also her profession. She has been proprietor of The Windowpane Press, a letterpress printing and book arts studio, for over forty years. She has worked in a commercial letterpress shop and a commercial bindery. She teaches classes in printing and bookmaking in her home/studio. Work produced at The Windowpane Press reflects concerns about timeless and/or contemporary issues, offering challenging questions, provocative puns and inspiration in the form of broadsides and artist’s books.

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About Alicia Bailey


Bonnie Thompson Norman – Which Side Are You On?