Brandon Alvarado – Rulebooks (No. 08, 22, 37, 58, 17) –


© 2015
edition of 8
dimensions in inches: 7 x 3.5 x .125


About this piece:
Rulebooks is a series of procedurally-generated prints overlapping the physical process of printmaking with concepts found in digital space and programming. The books shown are one of many possible permutations which follow a predetermined set of rules. Each set of rules is repeatable, creating an endless array of iterations.

The project was originally conceptualized and created during the 2015 MCBA / Jerome Books Arts Mentorship series, hosted by the Minnesota Center for the Book Arts and the Jerome Foundation. The project was created by myself under the mentorship of Monica Larson, Chip Shilling, and Mary Hark. As well as the staff of MCBA, including Jeff Rathermel, Anna Brederson, and my fellow mentees.
paper, ink
About the artist:

lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States

Brandon Alvarado is a printmaker and book artist, currently living in the Twin Cities. His work is framed by his background and education in Graphic Design. His practice leverages the visual language of typography and modern design systems with printmaking and the tradition of concrete and visual poetry. His work often revolves around process and has recently explored programmatic, iterative techniques inspired by computing and technology.

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Brandon Alvarado – Rulebooks (No. 08, 22, 37, 58, 17) –

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