Brea Black – Pacific – SOLD

© 2018

edition of 1

dimensions in inches: 8.25 x 5.5 x 1.75


about this piece

About this piece:

Pacific was inspired by 19th-century English poet Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach. Arnold’s poem tends towards the dark; I am interested in the light.

In quiet moments on the beach, sitting in the sun and breathing the salty ocean air, I feel a calmness and expansiveness that I only feel in that place and at that time. Calmness leads to introspection, a re-centering and a reminder that time is relative. Tiny grains of sand on a beach have endured and will endure long after humans are gone.

Because time is an important element of my work, the majority of this book was stitched by hand – the embroidered text, the individual beads, the invisible seams. Working at this pace forces me to slow down and to carefully consider each and every stitch. It is a deliberate response to the speed of modern life.


fabric, thread, beads, paper

About the artist:

Brea Black is a book artist and librarian living in Lawrence, Kansas. She has been making books and experimenting with a wide variety of materials and processes since 2007.

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Brea Black – Pacific – SOLD