Brigitte Amarger – Arsenic et Vielles Dentelles


© 2014
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 4,5 x 3


paper traces from burnt lace and teabags, embroidery threads, teabags traces

Artist Statement about work

To poisoned or poisoners, famous or anonymous, this little book of secret stories to read through burned lace papers, traces of tea bags and pendants threads that always seem pouring the deadly poison.




About Artist:

Brigitte Amarger  is a Paris-based visual and textile artist.
Since 1978, her work has been exhibited internationally in art spaces and museums, included in private and public worldwide collections, featured in publications and received numerous distinctions. She works predominantly with the mediums of medical imagery, handmade paper, hot glue, textile, luminescent and reflective materials. Her practice includes textile and numerical techniques, laser cutting and engraving, photography, painting and explores themes of nature, light, writing, memory and human being. She wonders about the traces left by time, engraving in filigree texts or laces on X Ray film and paper where layered patterns project shadows and blur the line between reality and imagination, accentuated by the diaphanous and ghostly transparency that these materials deliver. Sensitive to ecological issues, she finds in her artistic practice a double direction, highly symbolic: create artworks by recycling discarded materials.

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Brigitte Amarger – Arsenic et Vielles Dentelles

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