Bryan Kring – Shared Illusion


© 2017

edition of 50

dimensions in inches: 10.25 x 4x 4


Shared Illusion is a woodblock print on a single sheet of Japanese washi that is set into a spiral around a hand-painted paper moon, bird, and fish. Written in pencil along the upper edge of the print is the story of a moon that is dreaming about a bird that is dreaming about a fish that is dreaming about the stars. When the crank on the side of the base is turned, the paper figures rotate, fly, and swim within the spiral, each wrapped up together in their shared illusion.

paper, plastic, wood, glass, felt

About the artist:
Bryan Kring is an artist who combines his love of drawing, painting, printing, tinkering, story telling, and day dreaming in Oakland, CA.

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Bryan Kring – Shared Illusion

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