Carole P. Kunstadt – Sacred Poem LXXVII


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dimensions in inches: 2.5 x 1.5 (cover 2.5 x 0.5)

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About this piece:
The primary element used in this series is paper: the pages are taken from two volumes of a Parish Psalmody dated 1844 and 1849. These pages of psalms are manipulated and recombined, resulting in a presentation that evokes an ecumenical offering: poems of praise and gratitude. The disintegrating pages suggest the temporal quality of our lives and the vulnerability of memory and history. In working with this aged text, embracing its inherent qualities while transforming the book’s pages, the paper itself gains significance through the process and merges with a new intent. Visually there is a consistent and measured cadence to a page of psalms which is echoed in the repetitive weaving or restructuring of the paper: pages are cut in strips and woven creating an altered dense surface. |
The Sacred Poem Series takes physical, material, and intellectual inspiration from the Parish Psalmody, A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Public Worship, published in 1849. |A book is not only the way in which text is presented but it is a container. An irreplaceable aspect of the book is that books absorb histories. Paradoxically the limitations of the form/codex presents us with important conversations, intimacies and the possibility of expansive experiences. |Through the individual evolution of each page, culminating in a transformation of the whole volume, the material and the conceptual interface delicately and suggestively with one another. |”A sense of intimacy and loss pervades the work; fragments of memory and belief are brought together to create a hybrid form that negates the sequential nature of reading, replacing it with suggestive echoes of inner states of praise, worship, and prayer.” David Revere McFadden, Slash:Paper Under the Knife, Curator, Museum of Arts & Design |

linen thread, paper: pages from parish psalmody dated 1849

About artist:
Carole P. Kunstadt received her BFA, magna cum laude from the Hartford Art School, West Hartford, Connecticut, and continued with postgraduate studies at the Akademie der Bildenen Künste, Munich, Germany. Kunstadt’s works reference the material of books, deconstructing paper and text, and using it in metaphorical ways. Her devotion to books is inspired by the ability of the written word to take the reader to other places through stories, poems, and prayers. Kunstadt’s process reveals how language can become visual through re-interpretation. |

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Carole P. Kunstadt – Sacred Poem LXXVII

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