Carole P. Kunstadt – Views of the Moselle/Ansichten der Mosel


© 2012
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dimensions in inches: 6.25 x 4.25 x 1


About this piece:

Photo postcards from the early twentieth century provide an intriguing, subtle and intimate format to explore worlds unlimited in association, memory and history. Through the process of cutting and reassembling antique postcards, the scenes are re-contextualized. Altering the images by weaving multiple views together, the pixelated scenes become intriguing alternate visions of a reality. Observation is a personal modification of the visual information one receives. The aged quality of the photograph informs and enhances the varied combinations creating simultaneous vantage points. They represent the merging of a vision of history, the moments caught and the subjective impressions which through the passage of time have been transformed.
“Die Mosel*,” a booklet of representative photogravure images dated 1917, inspired this portfolio of ten altered and recombined antique photo postcards. The intriguing shots representing idyllic images captured the imagination of a population gaining interest in travel and leisure. The iconic scenic views along the river valley are an eloquent testimony to not only the atmosphere of the area but also the idealized idea of landscape in the early twentieth century. More than 60 years after their printing, I had the opportunity to live in Southern Germany for a few years and extensively tour the countryside. The scenic strolls, day trips and constant explorations provided rich varied experiences which led to a deep understanding of the cultural complexities. Now over forty years since my first encounter with this countryside, manipulating the photogravures dense quality enhances the varied combinations creating intriguing simultaneous vantage points. *a tributary of the Rhine.


handmade paper, antique photogravure photo postcards

Artist bio:

Carole P. Kunstadt received her BFA, magna cum laude, from Hartford Art School, W. Hartford, Connecticut and continued with postgraduate studies at the Akademie der Bildenen Künste in Munich, Germany. Having recently relocated from New York City to Woodstock, New York, as a tapestry designer, collagist, painter, and book arts and fiber artist Kunstadt often invokes other people’s histories in the materials she uses which gives her work a metaphysical quality of timelessness.

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Carole P. Kunstadt – Views of the Moselle/Ansichten der Mosel

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