Carolyn Shattuck – Turtle 111 – SOLD

© 2014
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 9.5 x7.5 x1.5


About this piece:
Turtle Book 111 is a unique coptic-stitched book devoted to honouring sea turtles and speak about their endangerment. I visit a Turtle hospital in the Florida Keys that is run by volunteers. It is the only Turtle hospital in the United States. I also see them as I kayak and there is no doubt that they are very vulnerable ancient creatures that need to be rescued. This book speaks about their problems both physical and medical so that more awareness can be raised. The paper is printed with a unique printing process of water-based fiber dyes resisting etching ink transfer stencils. I also employ drypoint images on Japanese paper. I was trained as a printmaker and incorporate the techniques from one process to another. The BFK paper has to be unsized for this printing technique and it is no longer available.

Most turtles are injured by motorboats which destabilizes their outer shell and causes them to be unable to dive deep into the water. They also develop Fibropapillomatosis which is characterized by tumours growths throughout the body. One of the biggest hazards to turtles is the ingestion of marine debris and fishing equipment.This causes serious injury and to their flippers and constriction when ingested. Unfortunately only 1-2 turtles survive when a female lays up to 120 eggs.

paper, cord, hooks, film, thread

About the artist:
Carolyn’s work stems from a voice as a psychiatric nurse, mother and a person responding to environmental and interpersonal conflict. She enjoys combining text and image in unusual 3-dimensional structures . She was born in Montreal,Quebec, Canada and trained as a nurse . When she moved to the United States in 1971, her husband was drafted into the Vietnam war. While living three years in Okinawa she developed an appreciation for Japanese art. Upon her return, she developed her art career by graduating from Bard College with an MFA in Painting. She focuses herself on Book Arts


Carolyn Shattuck – Turtle 111 – SOLD