Casey Gardner – Cartographical Incantations – SOLD OUT

© 2015
edition of 25
dimensions in inches: 6.5 x 10



About this piece:

A book of cartographical unfoldings, tessellated map fragments, and beasts of the imagination. Pages open to reflected images of historical map details from the Dutch Age of Discovery. Turn the book over, and the patterns become more complex, abstracting the repetition and reflection many journeys entail. Text includes wayfarer invocations and wayfinding instructions, with mapmaking histories relating to a time when the unknown could be imbued with magical qualities. Also included is a traveller’s tale of chance and choice. The story begins with a door opening and continues to hinge on the word perhaps relating the either/or possibilities that occur and move back and forth on journeys. A forgotten map presents the traveller with options at various crossroads while venturing forth into unpredictable landscapes.
Each folio opens to a tableau of a map fragment joined in reverse symmetry, as if the landscape has more to reveal upon reflection, or mirrors a traveller’s aspirations in a quest. On the reverse side of the accordion, these map images are conjured into rhythmic patterns reflecting the repetition of each step in a journey and the variables that form the spell of discovery that entices us into new horizons and lands. Rituals and motifs of movement and boundaries occur in every venture into any landscape, and yet the unique contours and borders are for each traveller to discover and cross. Each folio includes a Wayfarer Invocation, a poetic directive for finding one’s way, or one’s place in the world. We hope for guidance, exterior or interior, and question whether to take this path or that, to follow a map or strike out in faith. Going forth in any journey is an opportunity for an entrancing and spellbinding venture of options chosen to reflect our exploratory desires.
Letterpress and Inkjet printed. Double-sided accordion with sewn folios. Map fragments are from photographs taken by the artist of sixteenth and seventeenth-century Dutch maps found in atlases at the Public Library of Amsterdam, Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam. Written, drawn, printed and bound by the artist.


Hahnemühle Ingres and Nepalese Lokta silk screened paper, linen binding thread

Artist bio:

Casey Gardner studied printmaking & graphic design at California College of the Arts. In making books, she approaches a subject from many directions and levels of inquiry. Her pages open to spaces of options with layers of detail for the reader to navigate. She creates a world of language and imagery, inviting the reader to travel into her books along varied routes that render new destinations with each reading.

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Casey Gardner – Cartographical Incantations – SOLD OUT

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