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  • Casey Gardner - HereSay

Casey Gardner – HereSay


© 2012
edition of 40
9 x 13

about this piece

About this piece:

Who, What, When How & Why….Featuring the diverse, interrelated readings of axiomatic volvelles, biaxial cartography & randomography*. This flexible notion of a book with its movable devices, graphical calculations, and swirling windows of chance offers self-propelled encounters with the variables of communication through language and interpretation. HereSay is about how we speak, how we hear, and how we locate ourselves along the dimensions of truth and lie.
Turning the volvelles offers the reader an opportunity to become a part of interpretive process of meaning by playing with eternal/circular changeability. The mutability of each element on the discs creates a new relationship of the variables. The reader, by revolving through the disks creates varying “pages” to be read.
Made in collaboration with Nance O’Banion, Permanent Press .

Limited edition, handbound, letterpress-printed book with magnetized, removable volvelle structure.

Casey’s additional thoughts about this work:

It is a powerfully evocative book in the classroom. It is a story maker in that the students take on the personas on the map or ones they make up and they investigate “truths” which turn into whole ways of exploring how context and perspective alter reality. The volvelles of who, what, where, when and how are prompts for perspective and context and how easy it is to turn/change. It is super fun and engaging and creative to watch the book used as a tool with a group of people sitting around a table.
HereSay is uncannily timely and topical in terms of investigating how we discern what is true and what is not true and all the permutations in between. In this time of lies becoming more and more pervasive, bombastic and outlandish, how and why do we value the ability to identify truth and know were we stand in the vast landscape of communication variables.


paper, book cloth, grommets, rare-earth magnets, ink, toner transfer

About the artist:
Casey Gardner has a BFA in printmaking and graphic design from California College of the Arts. At CCA, she studied book art with Betsy Davids, Nance Obanion and Julie Chen. She grew up in Aspen, Colorado where she focussed on ski racing and learning through books. She lives in the Bay Area doing free lance graphic design and runs Set In Motion Press on her Vandercook 4.

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Casey Gardner – HereSay