Charlene Asato – Ohelo


© 2015
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 9 x 7 x 2

The flag book is my favorite of Hedi Kyles’s creations. The sculptural possibilities and surprise factor when the book is opened are very exiting. Ohelo is a berry endemic to Hawaii and is a favorite food of the Hawaiian nene goose. In this double flag book, the flags are photographic images and are formed to resemble the ohelo bush.


paper, book board

About the artist:

Lives in Mountain View, Hawaii, United States

Charlene Asato’s fascination with artist’s books originated with the study of calligraphy in the 1980s while in the San Francisco Bay area. She finds it very exciting that a simple fold changes a two-dimensional plane into a three-dimensional form and artist’s books provide a wonderful avenue to convey this energy. Some of her books may open up to quiet charm or may open in an explosion of surprise. Her artist’s books have been in juried shows locally and nationally.


Charlene Asato – Ohelo