Charlene Asato – Wrapping Summer Squash


© 2017
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 8 x 8 x 1

about this piece

About this piece:

The variety of summer squash takes on some interesting shapes and colors that range from greens to yellows. In my assemblages, I took delight in “wrapping” them and showing them off in a new light. This is a celebration of the common squash, giving them a unique and uncommon treatment. I have modified the Japanese binding so that the panels bend easily in both directions and leave room for the depth of the assemblage.


paper, thread, ink, watercolor

About the artist:

Charlene Asato is a visual artist living in Mountain View, Hawaii. Her fascination with artist’s books originated with the study of calligraphy in the 1980s while in the San Francisco Bay area. She finds it very exciting that a simple fold changes a two-dimensional plane into a three-dimensional form and artist’s books provide a wonderful avenue to convey this energy. Some of her books may open up to quiet charm or may open in an explosion of surprise. Her artist’s books have been in juried shows locally and nationally.

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Charlene Asato – Wrapping Summer Squash