Chip Schilling- Half Life/Full Life


© 2009
edition of 60
dimensions in inches: closed 4 x 5 x .75

about this piece

About this piece:

Half Life/Full Life explores the atomic age, the Doomsday Clock, and simultaneously occurring, irrelevant cultural events. It’s a timeline from the first atomic bomb test through each change in the Clock as it marks the estimated time until the total annihilation of humankind. This book debuts two photographic series, Dog Run and Evidence; studies of an urban environ- ment as it erodes and reverts back to nature—a most likely outcome of the Clock striking T-0! Industrial and post-apocalyptic, the images also suggest the catastrophic impacts of global warming that are currently reflected in the Clock. The binding is a variation on a Hedi Kyle and Claire Van Vliet structure. The binding strip is let- terpress printed Tyvek. The book pages are printed using Ultrachrome inks on Epson paper and coated with varnish. The photography, design, printing, and binding are by Chip Schilling.


paper, digital (Ultrachorme) inks, varnish, tyvek, letterpress ink

About the artist:

Wilber H. “Chip” Schilling is the artist, designer, printer, illustrator, bookbinder and publisher at Indulgence Press. He often works in collaboration with other artists and writers. To achieve the rich aesthetic quality found in his work Schilling primarily uses a hand-fed Vandercook SP20 cylinder letterpress. He uses other printing methods as needed. Schilling earned a bachelor degree in history and photography from Clark University (Worchester, MA) and a terminal, master of fine arts, degree in printmaking and book arts from The University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA). He teaches letterpress printing and bookbinding throughout the United States. His books and art works have been exhibited internationally and can be found in over 100 collections including the New York Public Library, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Getty Center, the British Library, Auckland Central City Library, the Whitney Museum and the Library of Congress. Schilling is recipient of the 2010 Minnesota Book Artist of the Year Award.

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Chip Schilling- Half Life/Full Life