Claire Jeanine Satin – Kanji Book II – A Portfolio


© 2015
edition of 4
dimensions in inches: 10.5 x 10.5 x 1.25


About this piece:

The Kanji Book, a Suite of four portfolios, is a seminal artwork, which has become the basis of an ongoing large body of works having its origin in ancient Japanese music notations. The imagery in these pages is a re-presentation, not a copy, of markings taken by scholars from historical scrolls depicting Buddhist chants and hymns. They are a combination of Kanji (the character/symbol from an older letter system), and the melodic lines or strokes which accompany them. The aesthetic as well as the functional quality is visually most persuasive. Each page (there are ten pages in each portfolio) is a unique configuration and has been enhanced three-dimensionally with random silk knots. The pulp is in a very wet stage until the final drainage takes place; the pages are done in reverse, the ultimate arrangement of the image is virtually a chance operation. This approach allows for possibilities beyond conscious decision making and results in high energy and simply unique imagery.



board, paper, dye, silk

About the artist:

Claire Jeanine Satin is a multi-disciplinary artist with an emphasis on book arts. Extensive exhibitions/collections in US & Europe. 3 residencies in Venice, Italy, resulting in ongoing series of Garden books in homage to Henry James, including solo show in Genoa, May, 2016. Seven works in Library of Congress; Nat’l Museum of Women in the Arts; Victoria & Albert Museum; Museum of Modern Art, NYC, Getty Center, & many others. Many of her works are based on the concept of Indeterminacy/Chance, due to her association with the composer John Cage.

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Claire Jeanine Satin – Kanji Book II – A Portfolio

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