Claire Van Vliet – Tumbling Blocks for Pris and Bruce


© 1996
edition of 200
2.25 x 2.25 x 2.25 in inches


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Tumbling Blocks is a little cut alphabet created from the offcuts from Praise Basted In, the design of which, left an intriguing number of small folios of hand made papers. It will spiral in several ways or stand in a circle- tumble in your hands, but will always fall back into place if you let it. The cube box is folded with two papers that hold each other in place without needing glue. It was made for Janus Press patrons Bruce and Pris Hubbard, who collected Janus Press books, quilts and miniature books.

Issued in a paper box; housed in a clear plastic box. Each leaf consists of two cut letters glued back to back; leaves folded and glued to permit book to open into a variety of shapes.

Claire Van Vliet is widely recognized as a master printmaker and has won numerous awards, including election to the National Academy, two Honorary Doctorates of Fine Arts and the prestigious MacArthur Prize Fellowship. She founded the Janus Press in 1955 and has published over one hundred books with original artwork of her own and other artists.

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Claire Van Vliet – Tumbling Blocks for Pris and Bruce

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