Colleen Lawrence – Meet Me – SOLD

© 2018
edition of 1
dimensions in inches: 4 x 4



About this piece:

Meet Me explores how we consume and digest information. The absurd scale and cutting out of the letterforms changes the act of reading, forcing a slow diligence. The text reads,

“meet me where you’re at”

asking for awareness and acceptance of the circumstances of others. It is the slogan for the Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition, an organization that aims to create health equity in Iowa communities through advocacy, education, and drug user health services. The book was created at Haystack Craft School using their laser cutter. I find the cut-out letters to be as impactful as the holes in the book themselves.


paper, thread

About the artist:

Lives and works in Iowa City, Iowa. United States

Colleen Lawrence is a lettering artist, printer, and hand papermaker from Iowa City, IA. Her interests include special collections, correspondence, letterpress printing, and conceptual investigations of letterforms. She is pursuing masters degrees in library science and book arts at the University of Iowa.

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Colleen Lawrence – Meet Me – SOLD

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