Colleen Lawrence – Wear


© 2019
edition of 15
dimensions in inches: 9 x 4.5

about this piece

About this piece:

Wear is comprised of abstract narrative maps accompanied by poems. The maps consider presence in various forms, and the grooves we each wear, physically and mentally, through travel and repetition. They call to the power present in drawn lines and explore the potential of intersections and overlap: where the mind is wandering when the body walks its daily routine, where glaciers spit boulders and humans abandon endeavors.

The maps are made from blind-contour drawings, rendered in wire. They are printed on handmade paper in three shades of blue: the lightest tone maps physical movement, the middle tone the path of the hand, and the darkest tone maps the mind. The other, quieter printed layer explores presence and the physical forms of letters. It is comprised of oversized Optima letterforms, pressure printed in a translucent ink.

Strung together, the out-of-scale letters ask

‘where are you.’

This project was supported in part by the College Book Art Association.


paper, ink, thread

About the artist:

Lives and works in Iowa City, Iowa, United States

Colleen Lawrence is a lettering artist, printer, and hand papermaker from Iowa City, IA. She is pursuing masters degrees in library science and book arts at the University of Iowa.

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Colleen Lawrence – Wear